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Record conversations from:

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Vidicode Pico USB record conversations on my pc

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  • Record on your own PC's
  • USB connection
  • Up to 4 Pico's can be connected to a single PC
  • Records Analogue telephones and lines
  • Records digital  and VoIP telephones connection at phones curly lead
  • Records Skype
  • Records from a microphone
  • Records 2 way radio communications
  • Telephone off hook detection starts recording
  • VOX Voice Activated Recording settings options
  • Automatic recording mode or manual press the red button to record
  • 180 hours speech recorder per giga byte hard disk space
  • Auto archive recordings over a network
  • Add text notes to recordings
  • E Mail recordings to others as MP3 files
  • Call Centres multiple phones record locally on Agents PC's
  • Central database for multiple Pico's on  networked PC's
  • Internet connection and make free Skype-to-Skype calls, record your Skype© conversations
  • Excellent sound quality. The recorded sound is stored in a format any PC can play back.
  • Multi Lingual available in English, Arabic, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Polish. More languages will follow
  • Supplied with Software CD and all connection leads
  • 2 minute install

Search function
The Pico software has an extended search function. Search by Date, Week, Time of day, Duration of the call, Device, Telephone number, Name, or Notes.

Great sound
The Call Recorder Pico records in excellent sound quality. The recorded sound is stored in a format any PC can play back. Email as a WAV file.

Unlimited recording time
Every gigabyte of free disk space on your PC allows you to record up to 180 hours of conversation on a hard disk.

Multiple telephones
It's possible to record simultaneously from one up to at least 4 Pico's on 1 PC, depending on the USB & processor capacity of your PC.

Supervisor function
It is possible to make a database in which all databases of all connected Pico's in an organisation can be brought together, ideal for supervisors.

Play back your recordings in another telephone call
Play back a recording during  a conversation to a third party on the line.

E-mail one or more recordings as attachments to a message with one mouse click from within the Pico software.

Works with Skype©
With Skype© you can use your internet connection and make free Skype-to-Skype calls. The Call Recorder Pico can also record your Skype© conversations.

Radio Communications
Pico can be used to record radio communications as 2 wire analogue VOX operation.

Microphone input
Attach a microphone to record business meetings , interviews, just press the red button to record. Works with lap tops to for mobile recording.

Multi Lingual
The software is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish and Arabic. More languages will follow.

2 minute install
The Pico hardware & software are easy to install without technical knowledge. The included Quick Guide explains the installation process.

A clear view on all your telephone traffic. The Pico Software provides easy access to the database. The database is displayed on your computer screen as a list of recordings. In the list the recording properties like date and time of the recording and dialed telephone numbers and caller ID are stored with the actual recording. Queries can be made to get a clear picture of the amount of recordings or to find a specific recording quickly.

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